Эрчим хүчний хэмнэлттэй РЕЛО бутлагч нь олон тооны нэр хүндтэй шагнал авсан бөгөөд шинэлэг санаа болон болон зохион бүтээлийн олон улсын форумаас сайшаал хүртсэн байдаг.

The International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva is the biggest and most important exhibition in the world, dedicated exclusively to innovations. The specialized international exhibition gathers annually more than 750 inventors from more than 45 countries, and nearly 60,000 visitors. Every year 1000 new inventions of scientists, manufacturers, universities, public and private research institutes and others, are presented - to showcase their creators’ achievements in various fields and to find market for their realization. Every year one grand prize (Grand prix) of the exhibition is awarded, together with 54 special awards. The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Government, the city of Geneva and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The 39th International Exhibition of Inventions is held in the period 6 - 10 April 2011 in the city of Geneva. More than 1000 inventions of 785 inventors from 45 countries participating in the exhibition are presented. The prizes are awarded by an 83-member international jury.

The invention Grinding bodies RELO is awarded with the Golden medal of the 39th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva among 1000 new inventions. Grinding body RELO won the Silver medal of the exhibition, as well.


The Patent Authority and the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria (UIB) annually award the prize "Inventor of the Year" - the most prestigious national award in the community of inventors, patent specialists, selectors and innovators in all fields of science and technology.

In 2011 the award was officially presented during the Third National Exhibition "Inventions, technology, innovations" (ITI) in the period 09-11 November 2011 conducted in the National House of technique, Sofia. Grinding bodies RELO were awarded with the Grand Prize of the Union of the Bulgarian inventors (UBI) for achievement in the inventiveness, for successful use of intellectual property and for best performance, and their inventor - engineer Peter Bodurov received the grand prize "Inventor of the Year" for 2011.